How to Batch Upload Records in OCLC?

Hi, All!

Can anyone please explain the whole process of batch Uploading?


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BatchUpload Using NoN-MARC File

Dear Friends,

    We are happy to inform you that we have sent 63,000 records to OCLC for Batch Uploading in NON-MARC format i.e., in MS-Excel (We are unable to export to MARC 21 format from SOUL2.0 because the range of record ID were not matched).
Then Out of that we have holdings in OCLC WorldCAT of about 15,867 records and  17,000 are duplicate records. The remaining records are under processing.  Simaltaneously we are uploading the new arrivals in OCLC WorldCAT and SOUL2.0. 


e-Granth Team (UAS, Bangalore)

Mr. V.Srinivasa
Assistant Librarian and CO-PI,

Mr.Suneel, D.M & Mr. B.G Arun

Mr. Boraiah & Virupax